Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris Hilton on Larry King Live 6/27/07

Paris Hilton made her first television debut Wednesday night since her release from jail Monday in a personal sit-down interview with Larry King. Hilton sat calmly in a semi-lace mousy white/grey 3/4 sleeve shirt with her blonde hair cascading down her shoulders. Over the course of an hour the two discussed Hilton's past problems with the law, her experience in jail and how she plans to change her life.
Hilton said her experience in jail was the most "traumatic and terrifying" situation she's ever been through and swears she has learned her lesson. According to the heiress, her cell measured 8 by 12 feet and consisted of a metal bed, a toilet attached to a sink and a small metal desk. The food was "horrible" and was simply bread with mayonnaise and what the prison called "mystery meat" and "jail slop." Surprisingly, Hilton said she only lost 2 pounds, less than what everyone predicted she would lose. Being in solitary confinement for three and a half weeks led the star to meditate, write, read and reflect during her long moments of privacy, something she rarely gets in the outside world. During her one hour of free time, Hilton said she showered and called family and friends. She also received numerous letters from adoring fans and supportive people around the world such as soldiers in Iraq. (What?!?!) Apparently, the 26-year-old said she believes the time has come to grow up and act like an adult. She said she knows she can change the world by making a difference and "feels compassion" for those that she left behind at the prison. Her goal is to ultimately set up a shelter for those who are released from jail and have no where to go. She'd assist in each person's transitional period and help them get back on their feet so as not to return back to jail in the so-called "vicious circle."
In her opinion, the punishment did not fit the crime. As she walked through the court doors, she honestly thought that she was going to receive a community service sentence for not a DUI charge, but for driving on a suspended license. (Are you kidding me??) Though, King brought up celebrities such as Britney Spears, Nicole Richie and Lindsey Lohan, Hilton expressed the same "compassion and sincerity" for each girl's situation, obviously refusing to get into the juicy specifics of their friendships. Sounding like a broken record, she repeated "everyone makes mistakes." Besides building a transition shelter, Hilton also plans to continue on her journey of self-discovery, as well as attend mass regularly because she's "always had a sense of spirituality." One misconception Hilton said people have about her is that she does not work and lives off of her parents' money. In fact, Hilton made it a point to say that she owns several businesses, has her own perfume and clothing line, a successful television show, a modeling career and several movie deals in the process.

Personally, after watching the entire interview, I felt like Hilton was passionate about very little of what went on during her time in jail. She seemed just about as fake as ever. The only thing that really swayed my opinion a bit was her experience getting strip searched, which was "the most humiliating experience in her life." Otherwise, the only way I'll believe what she says is if the entire world sees her change her ridiculous behavior for the better.

The one thing I did definitely agree with was Hilton's statement that because of her fame and success, she has a platform available to her that can allow her to stand up and make a difference in this world. Every celebrity does! And despite a few here and there, how many of them are wasting their time by going out and partying every night, driving drunk and basically destroying their lives? If Hilton does, indeed, go through with everything she proclaims, I would be utterly surprised.

So, watch it for yourselves and let me know what you think. Will Hilton change? Did she ultimately learn her lesson? Or will she be back to her old ways in no time?

*Those that missed the hour-long interview can catch it on the YouTube website in six different parts.

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